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Changing the Font in WordPress

Change the font in your WP site?

In the kitchen

I tried many suggested methods…then…

Then I thought up this process, which I thought was “original”…I haven’t found it on any forum…and elegant.
Ok, so you need to be a little confident in coding and use ftp and a code editor, but it’s not rocket science (or maybe I’m wrong, it is??)

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Hangout with A Google Web Master: Tips & Tricks for Web Design

Hang out with….a Google web master.

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What makes a design “Googley”?

Googley Design Principles are good to know…??

As a web designer it’s good to look at what’s going on around you.
It may not be such a good thing to blindly follow a trend or a fashion just cos evereyone else is…go against the grain, be innovative, be bold, why not make your own!!
But it’s a good starting point to see just what google does…cos it seems to be working…
…user interface design, visual design, user research, web development, and user interface writing—set out to articulate the principles that ought to guide Google designs worldwide.
A small team gathered to discuss these questions and define the Googley Design Principles:
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What goes into building a web site?


If you are interested in what goes into building a web site then read on. It is not definitive.

This week it’s appearance…
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